For the first impression there is no second chance. This wisdom is rarely as valid as it is with online dating. A decision is made within a few seconds whether to swipe to the right or to the left. With the filter function, Jaumo offers you the option of determining which users you and your profile will be displayed at all. With just a few clicks, you can also specify how old you are, what profession you are pursuing or whether you are looking for a flirt, adventure, friendship or relationship. Nevertheless, there are still some ways to make your online dating profile unique and to make you attractive with your pictures, your user name and text. We have put together a few tips to help you design your profile and thus increase your chances of success with flirting and data.

Finding the right picture for your online dating profile

The first glance is of course the profile picture. True to the motto “A picture is worth a thousand words”, you should therefore choose your profile picture carefully. Think about what you want to express and what impression you want to convey. An honest smile immediately looks more likeable. If you have a special hobby, it makes sense to show it on the first picture.

In general, you should be the focus of the photo and you should be easily recognized. It is therefore important that you avoid group photos, as it is not immediately clear which person among the many you actually are. At Jaumo you have the option to add more photos to your online dating profile. However, this should not be used to upload a whole series of selfies. Rather, you can present yourself from many sides and in different situations.

Make sure that your pictures are always up to date. After all, if you make a date, it would be uncomfortable not to be recognized immediately because your photos are ten years old.

Think about your username

Of course you can make it easy for yourself and just choose your first name or nickname as your username. With Jaumo you have the advantage that a user name can be assigned several times. This means you don’t have to put endless combinations of numbers in your name to be able to log in at all. Avoid sprawling combinations of large and small letters, numbers and special characters. Prefer to play with your (nickname) and show creativity.

If you want to use your username to tell directly how old you are, you should rather use your year of birth and not your current age, because this is no longer current after one year at the latest.

Class instead of mass: your text

Less is more. The possibility to describe yourself with a small text should definitely be used, but not too extensive. Be brief and formulate crisp sentences that best describe yourself. As a rule, your profile text will be viewed when your picture and your name has appealed to another user and they want to learn more about you. But if you already reveal everything in your online dating profile, there are hardly any questions left that can be asked in the chat.

Your profile text is a good way to describe yourself briefly and to encourage a Jaumo user to start a chat with you. So, for example, if music is important to you, mention your favorite artists. If you have a motto in life, it makes sense to include this in your profile. Maybe another single has the same thing or feels directly addressed by it.

Of course, humor shouldn’t be missing either. After all, flirting and data should also be fun. Maybe ask a funny question that encourages you to write. So you avoid a bumpy start of the conversation and are right in the middle of the conversation.

Conclusion: stay authentic Be aware of what you want to express with your online dating profile and think about how you can achieve this. Basically, you don’t have to write an application for a job or write detailed essays that are then set in stone. You can refine and make changes to the text, user name and your pictures at any time. A fully completed profile is more appealing and, above all, more credible. However, you don’t have to reveal yourself completely in your profile. On the contrary: always stay a bit mysterious! Rather, it is about giving a first positive impression of you. The best way to achieve this is to simply be yourself and remain authentic. Incorrect information turns out to be quicker than lies than you initially think.