Eight tips for your perfect Jaumo chat

When swiping back and forth on Jaumo, you discovered a person whose profile you find very appealing and your hope of a match is even fulfilled. But what should you write now to get his or her attention? Perhaps you have sent a lot of messages in the past but rarely received any replies? Don’t let that discourage you. If you follow the flirting tips below, your messages will no longer go unanswered.

1. Forget old patterns and rules

The first thing you should do is get all the gender rules overboard. Why does the man always have to report first? What argues against you taking the initiative as a woman? And why do men have to be unapproachable and only be allowed to write after a few days? Please forget these old rules and stop thinking in such patterns. Get active and stand up for your interest.

2. Anything other than 08/15

Each of us receives the same messages every day. More than “Hey, how are you?” or “Well, what are you doing?” rarely comes out of it. Just as annoyed as you are by such lines, it will be your opposite. True to the motto “quality before quantity” you shouldn’t send boring emails anymore. A personal message significantly increases your chances of receiving an answer.

3. The personal relationship is important

In order to stand out from the crowd in your first message, it is worth taking another look at the profile of the other. If there is an extraordinary photo and he or she writes about an exciting hobby, then refer to it. This shows that you are actually interested in the person and are curious about them. Important with our flirting tips: It is important that you always remain authentic.

4. Spelling mistakes are unsexy

Even if you have been out of school for a long time, you should pay attention to correct spelling and grammar, because spelling mistakes are anything but sexy. You should pay particular attention to your first message, as it shows how much effort you have put in. Nobody will delete you immediately if you make a mistake. You should also keep an eye on your autocorrection so that you don’t accidentally send an embarrassing message.

5. Everyone likes compliments

Everyone is happy about nice compliments. To show your serious interest, try complimenting special features rather than appearance. Do not describe the obvious, but try to establish a concrete relationship with the other person. If you just write that you think she or he is hot, it will appear slightly superficial.

6. Keep the conversation going

Great, the first step has been taken and you have found a nice or funny entry. Now all you have to do is keep the conversation going. The best thing to do is ask yourself questions that your counterpart can answer. Important with our flirting tips: Avoid asking questions that can only be answered with yes and no. Here the risk is too great that the conversation will quickly fall asleep or be forgotten. Even the standard questions about hobbies, work or the taste of music can quickly get boring. In the same breath, you can instead reveal something about yourself and your preferences.

7. Please don’t jostle

Of course, nobody just wants to write back and forth forever. The goal of the conversation is a real meeting with most seekers. However, you shouldn’t start jostling here. If you have only written briefly a few times, you better refrain from asking for a date. It quickly looks arbitrary and you only create pressure. If you have already got to know something in the chat, the question of the first date will come up all by itself.

8. Also accept a no

The other’s answers are taking longer and longer, or are they getting scarcer? Not sure what to think about it? Don’t even start pondering what that could mean. Ask openly, without being intrusive. If suddenly there is no interest anymore, it is best to leave it at that. Writing again and again days later rarely changes the situation.